A dedicated font for a travel accessories brand.
Collaboration with Aurore Lechien, Base Design Brussels


As every European people born in the eighties, I bought an Eastpak backpack when I was a teenager. And it lasted so long that when it came back in fashion, it still looked new (except it was covered by silly slogans written with a white correction fluid). The redesign of Eastpak identity went through a corporate font, in 3 weights, including a Greek version in Regular. The setting of the text on an oblique line was a core choice of design. So we decided to implement it on a soft monolinear font. Ascenders are cut in oblique, as well of the dots in ‘i j’ and the bar in ‘e’. In capitals, ‘A’ and ‘H’ have an alternate version with oblique bar. For ‘Q’, much rarely seen, the tail is radically turned on left.

Courtesy of Base Design

Courtesy of Base Design


Applied as one of the main brand tools (by Base Design)