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Matthieu Cortat

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During the early decades of typography, the ‘Nonpareille’ fonts were so small in size (c. 5–6 points) that not all type manufacturers could cut them. Hence this name, meaning ‘unmatched quality’ (literally ‘none such’).

Nowadays, as text is everywhere, any good communication needs specifically-designed typefaces. Matthieu Cortat helps you shaping the best letters for your needs, aesthetically, optically, technically, whether you are a brand, a design agency, a publisher, or anyone who isn’t mad enough to not take care of this major element of today’s communication. Let’s talk. Let’s design. With accurate mind and eyes.



Caran d’Ache
Fondation Louis Vuitton
Fondation Pierre Arnaud
JFK Airport – Terminal 4
The Olympic Museum, Lausanne
Los Angeles Master Chorale
Marie Jo
Royal Botanic
Slatkine & Cie
Arte TV

Design Agencies and Art Directors

Hugo Anglade
Base Design (Arno Baudin, Anthony Franklin, Aurore Lechien, Jonas Nicollin, Jake Post, Ethan Sung, Sander Vermeulen, and more)
Graphéine (Mathias Rabiot, Jérémie Fesson)
Movement (Éric Nung, Sylvia Tournerie, and more)
Polygraphik (Juliette Cheval)
Régis Tosetti
Rezo Zero (Julien Blanchet, Ambroise Maupate,and more)


Type Design

Nonpareille retail fonts are available at 205TF.


Learn Type Design

Since 2016, Matthieu Cortat is the Head of the new «Master in Type Design» created at ECAL, University of Arts, Lausanne. With a team of passionate colleagues (François Rappo, Bruno Maag, Kai Bernau, Marie Lusa, Roland Früh, Wayne Daly…) and numerous guests coming for workshops and lectures, he transmit to his students the passion of designing type, and designing with type. Typography takes concentration. It takes imagination. It takes time and patience. But all the best things do. Sapere aude!


Musée de l’Imprimerie de Lyon

From 2007 to 2015, Matthieu Cortat worked as guide-lecturer in the Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication, in Lyon. Alongside with a curating activity in the same institution, he developed the joy of sharing knowledge. Today, he’s appointed as scientific advisor to the collections of the Museum.